The story behind the bike....

Born in the basement of some very accommodating in-laws, Royal Tour Bicycles is the brain child of Atlanta native Paul Atkins (pictured top right). Building has always been in his blood, just not always with his hands. Building started for him in the financial world, managing and growing personal portfolios for retirees. Over time though, the desire to build something tangible was just too great to be ignored any longer.

This desire, became a concept after living for a year and a half in Malaga Spain. With the European way of life and a renewed sense of classic firmly in mind, he was back home and presented with a unique opportunity. A chance to hit the reset button so to speak and to do what he wanted to do. Building bikes in Atlanta, for atlantans, by an ATLien, was the dream that has slowly become the reality that is Royal Tour Bicycles.

After a year and a half of building prototypes in a basement, we built out the first Royal Tour workshop in Northwest Atlanta at the 13 acre Goat Farm Arts Center. The Goat Farm arts center is located at 1200 Foster Street NW Atlanta, GA 30318. Our workshop is where we build ALL of our frames in house and hand assemble the bikes to deliver beautiful, functioning works of art. We love visitors and invite any and all to stop by and see us in action. Feel free to come unannounced or call us at 404-922-1954 to make sure we're around to give a quick tour.

What started off as simply a desire to work with our hands has turned into a true passion. There's nothing quite like seeing your idea become a reality, and then personally having a hand in building, painting, assembling, and of course riding it. That's the type of feeling we get with each bike we make for someone. It's truly a blend of blood, sweat, and (when the bike leaves us for the first time to be delivered) an occasional tear.

If we had to sum up Why We Do What We Do in one word, the only word that comes to mind is Love. We love building bikes. We especially love building bikes for people who love their Royal Tour Bicycle.