Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get a Royal Tour Bicyle?

    If you go to Paris on Ponce (404) 249-9965 or Peachtree Bikes (404) 262-9853 and see a bike you want, just speak with any member of the staff. They're well versed when it comes to our bikes and can help assist with any questions you have as well as help choose the right bike for you. You can also schedule an appointment with us directly by either calling at 404-922-1954 or emailing at

    If you're ready to buy and we have a bike in stock in the color you want, you're good to go. If we do not have a color in stock the turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. If a bike is made to order we require a $500 non-refundable deposit. During the process we'll send you email updates along with pictures of your bicycle being built from start to finish.

  2. Do you ship your bikes?

    Currently we're an Atlanta based company only able to deliver bikes to someone in the Atlanta metro area. While this will change in the future, today we do not ship.

  3. Will I have to assemble anything?

    Heck no! You can pick up your bike or if you live in the metro area have it delivered. Either way your bike will be 100% assembled. We make sure every screw, bolt, nut and cable is set just right. So that when you take your bike out for the first time, it pedals strong, brakes hard, and shifts like butter.

  4. What's your warranty?

    If anything happens structurally to your frame due to a week joint or bad weld within 10 years of your purchase we'll replace it. Simple as that. Since the components are designed to wear out over time, we offer a one year guarantee on them. We will gladly replace any component that needs repair within 1 year of purchase.

  5. How do I service my bicycle?

    All Royal Tour bikes come with a one year service plan at no charge. Bring it in for a tune up or lube job and there's no charge for labor. If a wearable needs to be replaced, there might be a charge for that. We service all of our bicycles at the Goat Farm workshop in Atlanta Georgia.

  6. Do the bikes have gears?

    Yes! All Royal tour bicycles use a Shimano internal 3 speed rear hub. Our bikes also come standard with a down tube shifter.

  7. What if I need more gears?

    Just because our bikes come standard as a 3 speed doesn't mean you can't have more gears. It's simply a matter of changing out the rear wheel with one that has a higher geared hub. We can do it easily, and if it's something you want, we'd be happy to discuss the details.

  8. What sizes do you offer?

    We tried to make this part simple for everyone. The Edward, Charles, Ferdinand and Louis come in two sizes. Regular (5'9" and shorter) and Large (taller than 5'10"). The Elizabeth, Antoinette, Isabella, and Sissi all have a sloping top tube, and therefore come in one size.

  9. Are these bikes refurbished?

    The short answer is No. All of our bikes are brand new without refurbished material or Components. Honestly, the first few times we were asked this question it annoyed us. But now we understand why this question is asked. To many, a Royal Tour bicycle looks like it's from a bygone era. This was done on purpose, as we were inspired by classic European lines, the culture, and a "Golden Age" bicycle style that ran from the turn of the century to the mid 60's. Now when the question is asked we simply reply; No, but thanks for the compliment.

  10. How much of the bike is made in Atlanta Georgia?

    This is the part we're most proud of. While 95% of bikes are built in China, 5% come from other places. Royal Tour Bikes are part of the 5%. That means we buy raw chromoly steel tubes, we hand shape them to fit perfectly together, like a well arranged jigsaw puzzle. We then meticulously hand braze each frame using nothing more than a gas torch, our hands, and brass welding rods. We spend DAYS hand filing and hand sanding each joint to give the frame a beautiful smooth finish. Our motto is "if it doesn't look like its shaped out of one piece of steel, it's not good enough." Once the frame returns from the painters, we then hand assemble every component and accessory. And all of this is done in our workshop at the Goat Farm in Atlanta GA.

  11. Why do Royal Tour Bikes start at $2,500?

    There are mainly 2 reasons for the price. The first, partly has to do with the above answer. The process we take to build a frame is long and labor intensive. We do not cut corners just to save a few minutes here and there. While other bike frames take a couple of hours to be made, or no time at all because the company selling them imports them, it takes us anywhere between 60-70 hours on the frame alone. That doesn't include time to assemble and the test the bike? It's labor intensive and definitely not the way to get rich quick, but that's handmade for ya and we wouldn't have it any other way.

    The second reason has to do with the quality of the components and accessories. From the pedals, to the wheels, to our 100% handmade brass or copper head badges, we spare no expense.